DF-812 Trial Pro

DF-702 City Road

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Our Unique, Internationally-patented folding mechanism.

The folding mechanism on a Change Bike is like nothing else. Not only is it one of the only folding frames to attain ISO4210 safety certification, but by maintaining a family frame design, it retains the familiar riding geometry of a regular bike.

This means that riding a Change Bike is like riding no other folding bike on the market, yet is still oddly familiar.

Parts designed to last. Whether they're ours or yours.

Every single part of a Change Bike bike has been carefully selected to make sure it's up to the job.

If the part didn't exist, or wasn't up to our exacting safety standards, we designed and manufactured it ourselves.

On top of this, each Change Bike is fully parts compatible with stock and OEM parts from all major manufacturers. This means that you can fit your favourite saddle, brakes or wheels to a Change Bike with no problem at all.

Where will your Change Bike take you?

We have shipped Change Bikes to their new owners all over the world. From the Middle East to Western Europe.

Each Change bike holds the key to adventure, opening up doors and travel opportunities that have not existed up until now.

We want you to experience the freedom of a Change Bike

Where will your Change Bike take you?